Dr. M. Geetha Balaji, MBBS {Pursuing MD (Com. Med.)}

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Dr. M. Geetha Balaji, MBBS {Pursuing MD (Com. Med.)}

  • Complete Primary Health Care and Total Management of illness and injuries in patients from Infants to Elderly Persons.

  •  Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment of patients suffering from common diseases and diseases caused by common symptoms.

  • Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Communicable Diseases (CDs) listed in the guide and Vaccination against some of the CDs prevalent in India such as Chicken Pox, Hepatitis, etc.

  • Counselling on Diet, Hygiene and Preventive Health Care.

  • Preparing / Reviewing case-histories of patients suffering from diseases not responding to the general treatment or with unusual symptoms, advising relevant diagnostic tests to trace the presence of hazardous bacteria / infection / infestation causing such a sickness,

  • interpreting the test results, evaluating the test values and further treatment and management of diseases.

  • Referral to respective Specialities / Super-Specialities for further treatment and management of diseases of Specific / Secondary / Tertiary nature.

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