Dr. Mithilesh Naryan Singh, MBBS

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Dr. Mithilesh Naryan Singh, MBBS

  1. Complete Primary Health Care and Total Management of illness and injuries in patients from Infants to Elderly Persons.

  2.  Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment of patients suffering from common diseases and diseases caused by common symptoms.

  3. Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Communicable Diseases (CDs) listed in the guide and Vaccination against some of the CDs prevalent in India such as Chicken Pox, Hepatitis, etc.

  4. Counselling on Diet, Hygiene and Preventive Health Care.

  5. Preparing / Reviewing case-histories of patients suffering from diseases not responding to the general treatment or with unusual symptoms, advising relevant diagnostic tests to trace the presence of hazardous bacteria / infection / infestation causing such a sickness,

  6. interpreting the test results, evaluating the test values and further treatment and management of diseases.

  7. Referral to respective Specialities / Super-Specialities for further treatment and management of diseases of Specific / Secondary / Tertiary nature.

  8. Treatment & guidance to COVID patients / suspected patients..


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