Dr. Vandana Taneja, MBBS, DGO (Obs. & Gynea)

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Dr. Vandana Taneja, MBBS, DGO (Obs. & Gynea)

I. Obstetrics:

  1. Total Health care management of the expectant mother/ baby from Conception through Childbirth.

  2. Monitoring healthy development of foetal.

  3. Tackling of changes in the body system, Nausea and Morning Sickness in women due to Pregnancy.

  4. Advice on Diet, Drug usage, Nutrition and Skin care during Pregnancy.

  5. Management of Unborn Child & Labour and Normal/ Cesarean Delivery, Pre/Post Natal Care and Breast Feeding.

  6. Tackling complications in pregnancy-Abortion / Miscarriage.

  7. Medical Termination of Pregnancy- D&C, D&E.

  8. Preventing / Delaying Pregnancy through Copper ‘T’ and oral pills.

  9. Treating Infertility, interpreting Post-coital test and evaluating test values of semen analysis and further treatment and management for deficiency.

  10. Determination of ovulation for fertility. Treating disorders / abnormalities in Chromosome.

II. Gynaecology:

  1. Treating problems relating to external & internal parts of Female Reproductive System.

  2. Tackling Puberty Disorder in Children, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, Irregular /PainfulMenstruation, Heavy/ Scanty/ Absence of Bleeding during Menstruation, White Vaginal Discharge, Menopause Syndrome.

  3. Treatment of Common benign Tumor in Female Reproductive Organs such as womb, uterus,etc.

  4. Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

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